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OnMarc Data Platform (ODP)

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Solution overview

In the current digital landscape, there is a lot of strain on your data warehousing. As an organization, you want to tie all your available data together, ranging from offline customer interactions to digital events and social media streams. Such a multi-angle perspective might just make the difference between seemingly insignificant events, and the spark that brings you to the next step.

The OnMarc Online Data Platform (ODP) provides an integral solution to these issues, bringing the future of data warehousing. While keeping your data accessible for day-to-day use, the ODP makes it possible to tie all the datasets of your choice together to get the most out of your business intelligence.

ODP is a state-of-the-art real-time big data environment, combining data from all digital channels into a single, cohesive structure. Fully integrated, ready-to-use. By linking data from many sources immediately upon arrival, the data is matched and immediately available for any business application.

The base system collects data from many sources including web, app, marketing channels, feedback, context data sources and social networks. The platform operates in real-time and processes and stores data using technologies as Kafka and Kudu.

Application areas include analytics and business intelligence, segmentations and DMP and personalization, for which specific solutions are provided by OnMarc.

OnMarc realtime base system diagram

Positive business outcomes

  • No individual customer data is shared with others
  • Segmentation on an unlimited set of business events and attributes
  • Many out-of-the box integrations
  • Real-time segmentation and reclassification based on visitor behavior
  • Easy-to-use audience management software


Unique, non-tagging collection mechanism for web and app date. Vast set of data integrations in a common, application-ready data platform.

Key highlights

Modernize Architecture

About OnMarc
OnMarc collects all your online customer’s behavior and stores it in a big-data-platform. This platform allows you to recognize patterns and understand and predict customer behavior by monitoring all interactions. In this way you will be better equipped to provide your customer adequate and relevant information. The unique combination of this platform and OnMarc’s associated services focuses entirely on your customer. One source for all interactions, easy to implement.


OnMarc Data Platform

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